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Tunis Tabarka flight

With Tunisair Express, visit the city of Tabarka with the Tunis Tabarka flight. The Tunis Tabarka flight is offered to you at the best prices so that you have a pleasant flight and enjoy your holiday.

Practical information

The Tunis Tabarka domestic flight lasts 30 minutes. Once there, you can take a taxi or the bus to your hotel. If you are a sunny weather lover, the city is the perfect place to be during warm summer days. During winter times, you can explore the alluring Tabarka in relative peace and enjoy good quality hotels at favorable rates.

The beauty of Tabarka

The flight to Tabarka will take you to Tunisia’s perfect seaside destination. Tabarka is a meeting point of crystal clear Mediterranean waters and mountains, making it an even more interesting travel destination.
Tabarka is famous for its Mediterranean coral, thrilling scuba diving and music festivals including the famous Tabarka Jazz Festival which takes place during summer. This festival is worth planning to attend during your holiday. The luxurious hotels and club resorts offer an array of activities such as golf and sea excursions to enjoy the beauty of nature. Visiting the “needles” is a must when in Tabarka. These sandstone reliefs carved into steep cliffs are only 2 minutes away from the city center.
In addition, Tabarka is known for its Roman site of Bulla Regia and the fascinating Cape Negro.
Find your cheap Tunis Tabarka flight to discover the wild nature of the cork oak and Khroumirie mountains. The city is also brilliant for your family holidays! Pack your bags and explore Tabarka with Tunisair Express !