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Special Assistance

Children & UM

Children aged between 02 and 04 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (parent or baby hostess).
Children between the ages of 4 and under 12 may travel alone as an “Unaccompanied Minor”, or UM for short. However, the prior approval of TUNISAIR EXPRESS is required.

  • They will be supported on board.
  • The parents of the child (or persons in charge), must fill a trail card.
  • This itinerary card specifies the identity and contact details of the child’s relatives in addition to the name and contact details of the person/s who will collect the child from our staff.
  • This form is signed on arrival by the latter. The UM can only be collected by the collecting person. The collecting person/s must produce photo ID at time of collection to pick up the UM to ensure the child’s total safety.

Animals :

With TUNISAIR EXPRESS, we’re happy to welcome your animal onboard, but certain rules do apply.

  • They must weigh less than 8 kg and must be in their pet carrier.
  • The transport of a pet requires that it has a vaccination card.
  • Please remember that the pet is count as excess baggage and is therefore subject to an additional fee.

Passengers with special needs

On board, our crew are happy to provide all the necessary services making air travel for passengers with special needs as easy and comfortable as possible.
At the arrival:

When you arrive at a Tunisian airport or at airports in the European Union and you have communicated your needs in advance, the airport staff will have received the information regarding the desired assistance and will guarantee the good performance of the latter.
Outside these areas, TUNISAIR EXPRESS will provide you with appropriate means to meet your needs.
Personal mobility equipment, such as wheelchairs that belong to Passengers with special needs benefits from priority when unloading.

Passengers with special conditions

The general regulations advise people with recent or chronic diseases, such as those listed below, to consult their doctor before the trip:

  • Cardiovascular problems.
  • Chronic respiratory problems.
  • Severe anemia.
  • Unstable diabetes or cancer.
  • People undergoing immunosuppressive therapy.
  • Person whose ability to travel may be questioned for any reason.
  • We advise passengers on treatment to keep their medications handy in their carry-on baggage.
  • A medical certificate is required for newborns within 7 days of birth.
  • For pregnant women (from 7 to 8 months pregnant), a medical certificate less than 7 days old will be required. Beyond that, she will have to be accompanied by a doctor.

For further information, please contact us

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