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Tunisair Express offers its customers a trip to Sfax, the second largest city of Tunisia. We offer you the chance to visit Sfax at exceptional prices through an internal Tunis Sfax flight.
The Tunis Sfax ticket is offered at cheap price, facilitating your travel to the capital of southern Tunisia.


You can arrive to Sfax through Sfax airport via a direct flight departing from Tunis Carthage Airport. Sfax is characterized by a warm Mediterranean climate. The best time to visit the city and enjoy your holiday is during spring times. Transport is always available, you can either rent a car or take a taxi.


The city of Sfax, or the Capital of the South, is the second largest city of Tunisia, located at approximately 260 Km southeastern of the capital Tunis. It is the heartbeat of the Tunisian economy. Indeed, Sfax is a business destination that mostly attracts investors and businessmen. Sfax is located between the center and the south, a strategic geographical position, it includes a port that provides an important part of Tunisia trade transactions. In addition to the port of Skhira, the second port of Tunisia.
Formerly called “Syphax”, an appellation of Berber origin, then it was named “Taparura” by the Romans. Sfax was a fortified city that included ramparts, and besides it still retains two large doors “Bab Diwan” on the side west and “Bab Jebli” on the east side.
Sfax city is worth visiting for its Medina, its rich monuments, palaces and Souks full of temptations. Enjoy your Sfax holidays with Tunisair Express Tunis Sfax flight