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Flight Tunis Naples

Flight Tunis Naples

With Tunisair Express, travel to the heart of “Napoli” with a Tunis Naples flight. Book your cheap Tunis Naples flight and explore the city of Vesuvius volcano.

Practical information

The direct Tunis Naples flight last two hours on average. From the airport and in the city, you have a various choice of transportation including individual taxis, buses, subways and hotel vehicles. The climate of Naples is Mediterranean on the coasts with hot summers, around 31 ° C. The ideal time to visit Naples is either during spring or the beginning of autumn.

Naples an unforgettable city

Naples is place of soul-stirring art and panoramas. Naples is famous for its rich heritage and historical monuments. It is a city rich with cultural assets from royal palaces and castles to ancient ruins of Christianity’s oldest frescoes. The winding streets of Spanish neighborhoods make all the splendor of the city. Chiesa San Lorenzo Maggiore (Monumental Complesso di Santa Chiara) and the National Archaeological Museum are two of the most famous cultural sites to explore.
Moreover, a joyous rhythm of life emerges from its bay visible from the Tiberio mount. While visiting Naples, you can enjoy its luxurious cafes, exuberant gardens and coastal paths. It’s in Naples that you will find the best pizza, pasta and espresso. Food in those streets is all about intensity and pleasure. The small island of Capri, a rocky island in Bay of Naples, is universally known for its dreamy sea views, charming seafarers and lazy summer evenings.
Book your cheap flight to Naples with Tunisair Express to explore Italy’s masterpiece.