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Flight Tunis Borma

Flight Tunis Borma

With the Tunisair Express Tunis Borma flight fly to the heart of the Tunisian Sahara.
Enjoy the ticket at a low cost
The Tunis Borma flight is a charter flight that is not available to the public.
Booking your Tunis Borma flight online is quick and easy and you will receive an instant confirmation sent to your email.

Practical information

The Tunis El Borma flight lasts 1H40 minutes. The climate of the city is of Saharan type with temperatures around 40 ° C in summer and quite cool nights during winter.
A stay in the desert is an occasion you won’t forget!
Transportation is always available. From the airport, you can easily travel taxi or bus to your desired destinations in southern Tunisia.
If you are an explorer, a music enthusiast or a seeker of adventure, then the Tunisian South is the right destination for you.
In March, the city of Tataouine celebrates music with the International Ksours Music Festival. During the month of December, you will have the choice between the Sahara International Festival in Douz or the Tozeur Oasis Festival. For the most comfortable temperatures for your holiday, we recommend that the best time to go is spring or autumn.

The splendor of the sahara

The Tunis Borma flight offers you the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Sahara endless horizons. The city of Borma is located on the Tunisian-Algerian borders in south-western Tunisia. The hotels available offer adventure travel seekers activities such as quad biking on the desert golden dunes and visits to natural parks that will take your breath away. In addition to ecotourism such as Jbil National Park. You will shiver with joy as you touch spontaneously the sublime beauty of the Tunisian Sahara.
You can also visit the city of Medenine and the East Coast to enjoy the splendor of the sea. The East Coast provides a slice of a little exotic heaven.