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Naples Tunis Flight

Naples Tunis Flight

The Naples Tunis flight takes you to your destination in no time! The Naples Tunis flight is offered by Tunisair Express at great prices, all to guarantee a pleasant flight to Tunis in comfort.

Practical information

From the airport, the Belvedere Park is accessible by taxi, metro or bus. You can take the avenue of Liberty decorated by the facades of buildings with colonial stamp. Tunis is marked by a mild rainy winter and a hot and humid summer. The climate is typically Mediterranean. To appreciate the beauty of the Belvedere Park it is best to visit it in the spring. This frame is ideal for a family with children.

Belvedere Park

Based north of Tunis, Belvedere Park is a splash of greenery in the city. This famous park is among the best in Tunisia. It was landscaped by a chief gardener of Paris in 1892. Large green and shaded area in summer, the park contains trees of unprecedented beauty like carob-trees, olive and fig trees, and palm trees.
At the top of the hill stands the Koubba. It is an Arab-Andalusian pavilion dating back to the 18th century. At the park, you can also visit the zoo containing animals from the African continent like lions, monkeys and rhinos. If you’re an art lover, you can visit the Museum of Modern Art on the east side of the park. It is considered as home to the country’s top collection of artwork of Tunisian artists.