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There is much to explore when you take a flight to Gafsa. Tunisair Express offers you low cost Tunis Gafsa flight. In order to enjoy your Tunis Gafsa flight, please make sure to carefully follow the guidelines related to the registration, baggage and price reduction. Tunisair Express Tunis Gafsa flight gets you to the charming city quickly and inexpensively.


You can visit Gafsa either through Gafsa Airport or simply by road. Travel is always provided by car, taxi or bus. Both are great ways to marvel at the city and enjoy its historic sights and friendly people.


The city of Gafsa is located in the south-west of Tunisia, in the middle of a mountainous alignment “Gafsa Mountains”, between Djebel Bou Ramli and Djebel Orbata. It is also a peaceful city rife with green spaces and stunning natural scenery.
Gafsa, or the old “Capsa”, had witnessed various rich civilizations over the centuries. Indeed, bones and traces from several ages were discovered.
Economically speaking, Gafsa is famous for its activity in the mining of phosphates, a deposit of the most important in the world.