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Borma Tunis Flight

Borma Tunis Flight

With Tunisair Express, travel to Tunis from the south with the Borma Tunis flight. Enjoy the Borma Tunis flight at cheap price!

Practical information

The Borma Tunis flight lasts 1H40 MN. Once arrived at Tunis Carthage Airport, you can explore the city and visit the charming northern suburbs via taxi or via TGM train. Tunis is fascinating during all seasons but especially in spring and summer times. The Mediterranean climate is marked by hot summers with temperatures of up to 40 ° C and mild winters with temperatures between 20 and 10 ° C. Tunis is well known for its festivals such as the Carthage Jazz Festival in April and the International Carthage Festival in August. Don’t miss these festivals and the opportunity to visit Tunis with Tunisair Express!

The inescapable city of Carthage

When visiting Tunis, Carthage is an amazing place to discover with its remains of Roman civilization. It was founded by the Phoenician princess Elyssa. The site is full of evidences of a glorious Tunisian past. The cultural richness of Carthage is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.
The Roman remains, including the the Antonin Baths, are located in a park near the sea. Punic ports in the shape of inland lakes offer breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. You should also visit the excavations of Byrsa which are located at the back of the great esplanade. With the Tunis flight, discover the glorious history of Tunis and the remains of the Roman Empire.